Best place for food!

Hi everyone, as my first post, I just had to share with you my favourite place to eat!!

The night I first stayed in Birmingham, Mary insisted on taking me out for food (which I of course moaned about as I hadn’t had much sleep!) but Mary was certain it would be worth it.

So, we got in the taxi and set off to ‘this place’ Mary was going crazy about! We finally arrived at the Mailbox (a very fancy place with fancy restaurants and fancy shops) and Mary lead the way! The place we arrived at was called Miller and Carter. She insisted on ordering for me as she claimed she knew the best stuff to order.

Well… Mary was so right!! The food was out of this world! The steak I had was cooked to perfection and every thing, even the tomato, tasted like nothing I had ever experienced before!! AND to top it off the customer service was spectacular and they really looked after us, all night long!!

If you fancy a night out in Birmingham or live in Birmingham and feel like treating yourself to some mouth-watering food, then head over to Miller and Carter in the Mailbox… you won’t be disappointed!!

I have now been there 26 times… and counting!!

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