Santa, please stop here!

Hi everyone! So, is everyone ready for Christmas? Ah, i am so excited its unbelievable! This time of year is perfect for spoiling your loved ones and treating your friends!  I cant believe how fast this year has gone, its so scary! Personally, this is my favourite time of year, its the one time of year that you go shopping and everyone is looking for presents! When you see the men looking at gifts or women and vise-versa, its just a really special time of year, it’s a time for giving and a time to relax and appreciate what you have around you, personally, i think it is a beautiful, special time of year! I LOVE to spoil my friends and family, hence why i have been shopping every night to find their perfect presents!

I have been shopping in Birmingham every night but today i decided to have a day in Shrewsbury as i saw on Facebook that there was a Christmas market on in Shrewsbury today and was also on yesterday! For the change of scenery i thought it would be perfect and boy was i right! I started off by shopping around the shops and found myself drawn towards H Samuel (which by the way have an amazing sale on diamonds!) and brought so many things! (My mom is going to love me for ever!) After shopping I followed directions to the Christmas market where i didn’t realise until i was already there just how muddy it was! as it was on a field, it had a kind of carpet flooring but it was filthy! I really didn’t think it through as had my new suede boots from Missguided, nightmare! But, i soon forgot about my boots when i had a cup of mulled wine from one of the stalls! Absolutely amazing, it was the best mulled wine i had ever had!

So, after browsing the 150 stalls they had, i decided to leave… when all of a sudden i just stumbled across a stand that sold lamb burgers! And oh my god… i have never experienced such a taste! I could not believe just how amazing lamb could taste! Unfortunately, i have forgotten the name of the company but i promise,  i will find out and let the world know!!

Isn’t Shrewsbury a lovely place? It is so historic and beautiful! Luckily I stayed late enough to see the lights come on which just made Shrewsbury even more beautiful! If anyone wants to go shopping for fancies a change, Shrewsbury is the place to go, especially if you are a food fan as the food in Shrewsbury is divine! Thanks again for reading my post.

Hope xx

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