Stay True and be Kind :)

Today on my way home in a taxi, I witnessed an elderly man struggling to cross the street. No one was helping him and everyone could clearly see that it was a struggle for him and that he was panicking to get across quickly before the lights went green! In a second, so many things went through my head like… ‘shall I get out’, ‘is anybody going to help him’, ‘surely someone will help any second now’, ‘I hope he is ok’, ‘would he mind if I helped him’… and with those thoughts rushing through my mind, I just thought what the heck, no one else will help him, so I will! I got out of my taxi (politely asking him to wait a minute) and raced over to the elderly man trying to cross the road. I kindly offered to help him across and before I could finish my sentence the man grabbed hold of my arm and squeezed it tightly and walked across the road with me. When we got to the other side, he looked up at me and his eyes welled up and he just stared into my eyes and for a moment, I just felt how appreciative he was and how much that small gesture meant to him!

As I went to leave, he couldn’t thank me enough and as I walked off he smiled and said ‘thank you, for making me feel loved’. Today, that man really changed my life! Just from that brief moment of meeting him I felt his loneliness and his desperation for attention! He was so kind and s appreciative of just a little gesture that I had done for him. To think that so many people walked past him without a care in the world yet all they would have had to do was offer a little support to get him safely across the road. Everyone should always be kind to everyone they meet and anyone who may need a helping hand, you never know what they are going through. I think we all need a little help sometimes. Be kind x

Hope x

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