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Treat Others How You Want To Be Treated

Hello again! How are we all feeling? Festive i “Hope”.. 🙂 Before we get stuck into this post i would like to publicly mention the staff at Birmingham City Taxis for their kind gesture, a very genuine fellow returned my Pandora bag that i had left in the car, so thank you!

Well, isn’t Birmingham amazing for shopping? In one whole day I have managed to empty my bank account, but on the plus side, I have literally brought all of my Christmas presents!

I thought I would write this post to let you know just how amazing the shops are in Birmingham bull ring, if you didn’t already know. It is literally every girls (or mans) dream! I have been to the bull ring a few weeks back, but it is completely different to what it was! Everywhere is so pretty and really has that Christmassy, warm feeling in every shop you go in! If you haven’t been to Birmingham bull ring yet, I highly recommend it, especially if you are Christmas shopping!

So, back to my story… after I had finished my shopping spree, I decided to look for a place to eat, I didn’t want anything too fancy and expensive but after tirelessly walking around, most places were either full or only had reserved tables available so I made the decision that it was too cold to wonder round so I phoned a taxi company off the internet and was picked up within minutes (thank god, I would have frozen to death otherwise!) The lovely man helped me into the taxi with ALL of my shopping bags and, not that I like to keep admitting that my friend was right about Miller and Carter but, something just made me ask him to take me there! Was obviously the steak calling me…

After a long drive back in the traffic, the taxi driver pulled up at Miller and Carter and kindly opened my door for me. With the smell of steak in the air, I paid the taxi driver and followed my nose! Well, as everyone has surely made this mistake in the past, I left my Pandora bag in the car (beautiful bow ring)! I phoned the taxi place back and they were so kind and helpful! They said that it was nothing to worry about and the taxi driver would be back in no time and sure as it was, the taxi driver pulled up moments later and he even brought the Pandora bag to me so I didn’t have to step outside into the cold! So, I thought I would end this post by clarifying how kind some people can be and that going that extra mile to ensure the happiness of someone else is truly inspiring. So, thank you Birmingham City Taxis for making my day.


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