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Hi guys Hope here it’s been a hell of a while since i’ve posted on here (sorry about that) me and one of my closest friends have been traveling and setting up his new business Birmingham Tree Surgeons┬áso it’s been pretty manic!

Here’s a littile post about some of the greatest places to visit in Siberia..

So, the most popular places to see in Siberia are some of the most famous places in the world. Siberia is full of beautiful, stunning things and is one of the most beautiful places you could ever visit. With parts being so peaceful you could hear a pin drop and places that are completely untouched and really is nature at its finest. Below, i have listed three places in Siberia that are not worth missing out and places that are so beautiful, you need to see in your lifetime.

Trans-Siberian railway

The Trans-Siberian Railway is most famously known as the ‘Great Siberian Route’ and is what joins the Ural mountains, Siberia and the Far East and is the longest railroad ever noted in the whole world and is a week long trip but is so unbelievably worth it. With the phenomenal view of the Lake Baikal and its breath taking scenery, you will also get the pleasure of stopping off at the stations and will have the honour of trying the famous Siberian food, especially their fish dishes on that route. On your journey, you will pass through a few underground tunnels to get to a high spot of the journey which is actually the highest spot you will get to. As well as this journey being outstanding, pleasurable and exciting in every way, you will also get to meet the locals and other travelers along the way who may be heading your way or give you ideas of where they have been already, its exciting and eventful, it should not be missed.

Altai Mountains

Altai Mountains is one of Siberia’s most popular tourist attractions, and it is no wonder. With its natural scenery and untouched feel, it really is an absolute treasure and is so unusual, its mysterious. With places for locals and tourists to swim in the rivers, explore the caves and climb the mountains, it truly is a magnificent place to visit and is just perfect for both children and adults as there is so many things to do and so many things to see that will attract all types of ages.

Chara Sands

Chara Sands is a large sand desert that is famously known for its uniqueness, with its beautiful fast flowing rivers running around it and the mountains that surround the desert, it is the perfect place to visit for anyone. Stepping out into the desert and taking your shoes off has never been more delightful, with the hot sand flowing between your toes with every step, it is a place like no other. As well as this desert being beautiful and a treasure, if you head just a little up the mountain, you can come across a chilling yet interesting famous part of Siberia, the remains of the camp and wonder around the secret prisons in Siberia that were once used.

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