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My new electric fireplace :D

Hi guys i “Hope” your all doing well, it’s been a while…

So this weekend my brand new electric fireplaces arrived and i bloody love it! I got it from Best Electric Fireplaces after a friend recommended getting an electric fireplaces.

I wasn’t all for an electric fireplace¬†as i love a traditional open fire, however the cost to run these little beauties is pennies and there’s no need for a handyman to fit it, i just simply opened the box positioned the fire and plugged it in and voila!

Here’s a picture for you guys to see it

my new electric fireplace

I would show you it in my living room but the place is a real mess at the moment (midlife crisis).

So what do you think?

It hypnotizes me! The flame is so ambient and really makes the house feel cozy.

Trust me to buy a fireplace now summer is coming but hey this is the beauty of it…. You don’t have to have the heater on you can just have the flame effect on.. how cool?


Till next time



Hope x

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