About Me

Hi everyone, my name is Hope Bond. I am originally from a beautiful little island called Anglesey and i moved to Birmingham a few months ago now to study at Birmingham University!

I made this blog so that i could hopefully help some people that are currently in my situation, new to Birmingham or people that want to know more information about things to do in Birmingham!

So.. some of you may be wondering why i moved so far from home to go to University! Well, 5 years ago my best friend, my neighbour and my partner in crime, Mary, moved from Anglesey with her parents to start a new life in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham. I missed her so much every day since she left so when it came to choosing which Uni i wanted to go to, there was no doubt about it, i was going to Birmingham (and partly because Birmingham is amazing!).

Kindly, Mary and her parents let me stay with her instead of me having to rent somewhere (EXPENSIVE) so all was looking good! But, the one bad thing about Birmingham is it is such a big City to find your way around, and that’s where it hit me… on my journey through Uni, i would make a blog of all my favourite places, things that are going on around Birmingham that i find interesting/important information and just a daily blog about my journey so that people that are new to Birmingham like i was have something that will help them!

So, i really hope you find this page useful and enjoy your time in Birmingham!!

Best wishes

H Bond x

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